Media Archeology Projects – Spring 2022

We tend to think of the “digital” as a singular, monolithical period in media history….yet, there are actually many phases of the digital/electronic, as these media archeology projects explore. Each phase has its own particularities that are connected to the specificity of the hardware, software, and other contextually and materially-specific aspects. Although interactive media technology has “evolved” since the 1990s, the ArtIntact projects are still considered some of the most sophisticated early creative approaches to electronic media interactivity.

New posts (and a bonus video essay) exploring the remediated digitized collection, Artintact 1994-99 – The Artist’s Interactive CD-ROMagazine on DVD-ROM. Check out additional related posts from past semesters using keyword: Artintact.

Halely Ashkenasy – Things Spoken

Maddie Sellergren – Continue On & Portrait One

Caitlyn Chung – The Exquisite Mechanisms of Shiver & Slippery Traces

Thanks to Ethan Gates, Ina Cajullis, and the Cinema Studies and MIAP department for emulating the collection so that more students can access this invaluable anthology of early interactive digital works. For more details on the process, visit Ethan’s blog post.

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