Spring 2017 – DH projects

Project links and descriptions for the NYU Cinema Studies graduate seminar Cinema & the Digital Humanities: History, Concepts, and New Approaches to the Study of Moving Images.

Students, please follow this format for your entry: Name. “Project Title.” Project description (1-2 paragraphs). Project link (e.g. link to your own blog).

See previous semesters for more examples, here and here.


jso300. “alma alloro’s BIG SCREEN on a small screen – a design prototype for an interactive gallery app”. I designed a prototype for an interactive gallery app about Berlin-based artist Alma Alloro latest exhibition in Brooklyn, called BIG SCREEN. The Berlin-based artist rafted a series of large scale patchwork quilts as an homage to animated abstract moving image. It took her more than two years to sew the textiles together. Her work seems like a counter-argument to our face-paced Zeitgeist determined by addictive technology. With my final project “BIG SCREEN on a small screen” I aim to connect those two worlds by prototyping an app for alloro’s work.