The e-sports live sites change young people’s lifestyles in China

Hanzong Tian
Cinema studies/ Interactive cinema
Prof. Marina Hassapopoulou
November 10,2015

The e-sports live sites is a new network media, It can achieve more than one person online communication at the same time, Is a kind of interactive website.(The type of interactivity that occur online involves person-to-person conversations mediated by the technology,Erik P. Bucy 2004). The first e-sports live site is twitch(, Founded in 2007, On the Twitch, video game players can watch other players in real time, this platform is also became the gathering place of the most popular game players. Now Twitch is able to attract more than 35000000 independent IP users per month and the number is rising 13% per month. Chinese e-sports live sites environment compared to the western countries’. Its development is lagging behind. China didn’t have a local e-sports live site until 2014. However they developed very quickly, one of the main sites is DOUYU TV ( DOUYU TV was founded in 2014, it became the biggest e-sports live site in China in a short time. Its online number up to 1 million per minute. This rapid development and the rise of the Asian games industry are inseparable. Because game players are the The main audience of the e-sports live sites. Asian cities are densely populated, the scarcity of outdoor recreation space and the high cost of outdoor recreation lead to more young people choose to spend their time on the Internet and video games. Young people are the most important group to visit the e-sports live sites. Most of the user’s age is between 16-25 years old. The birth of a new media is often able to change people’s lifestyles, such as when the TV was born, people who could watch TV changed the habit of going out on weekends. Similarly, the birth of the e-sports live sites has also affected people’s lives, especially the young people.
First, e-sports live sites changed people’s perception of the game. When video games just popular in China, it is considered to be a bad thing which is not good for teenagers’ life. Even some parents send their children into the net addiction treatment center (give the child a closed environment blocking their playing games) because children play video games. People think that playing games will only reduce the child’s ability of memory and the grade, and it has a bad influence on child’s future. Now with the emergence of a variety of e-sports live sites, people see a lot of elites who active in the game industry. Such as game anchors, e-sports players, online game commentators, game company staffs. They also have a decent life, and have a good mental outlook for their careers. The appear of those elites is attracting more and more young people to engage in the activities of the game industry. This thing was not recognized in the five years ago, because in people’s impression that the video game will only consume money and time, and can not create wealth. Now, people’s ideas have changed, Some famous anchors’ annual income can reach 1000000 dollars in DOUYU TV, this is a very lucrative reward in China. So now in China, young people have an optimistic attitude on the video game industry.
Second, currently the network is one of the main social means of young people, Network topic tend to become a hot topic in the young people to discuss. The e-sports live sites often have hot topic, because they often live the games like WCG( World Cyber Games) or WEG (World E-sport Games) which attracted the attention of thousands of game players. E-sports live sites are interactive platforms, 20150326064125317people can express their views through the Bulletscreen (enter your opinion in the dialog box, and they will appear in the video screen). Game players gather together let the e-sports live sites become a new social networking platform. For example, a game anchor can create a multiplayer game room, players can get the game room password though watch the live of that anchor. So those players can play game with this anchor. This form of cooperative game promotes the social function of online games. Young people can add friends in this game room. This kind of virtual social means is increasing year by year, because it has a close relationship with the rise of the e-sports live sites.
Third, the game anchor lead fashion. Interactive media hold great potential to literally and figuratively change people’s minds and bodies even more so than noninteractive media because they implicate the user into their processes(Barker 2011). In the process of interact with the game anchor, young people are also easily affected by the anchor. Anchors’ behaviors such as pet phrase often be emulated by fans. And young people play a game just because a famous anchor recommend this game. These anchors are not just playing games, but also pay attention to their behavior. Because they are Public figures, their every move is watched by millions of viewers. The e-sports live sites have also formulated the relevant provisions to restrict the behavior of game anchors. For example, the prohibition of sexual and violence, in order to give the all of players a healthy communication environment.
I think the e-sports live sites has a good development prospects. The pageviews of DOUYU TV is still improving. But with the heat of the popular video game(league of legends, hearth stone) down, may be the number of the web user will decreased. Because the audience of these two games accounted for more than 60% in e-sports live sites. So it still needs to add more new video games to enrich itself. I hope that this new media can continue to improve, to bring a better entertainment experience for viewers. Because the game industry need those live platforms’ support.

Works Cited
Barker “objects and interaction”2011
Bucy “Interactivity in Society”2004

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