Artintact Komplett group presentation Fall 2019

Artintact Komplett (Hate Cantz), interactive CD-ROMagazin.
Group presentation by Robert Delaney, Abi Muñoz & Valerie van Zuijlen.

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Link to individual blogpost Robert Delaney
On “Manuscript” (Eric Lanz, 1994)Image result for On “Manuscript” (Eric Lanz, 1994)
and Robert’s Art-int-act-ion

Link to individual blogpost Abi Muñoz
On “Flora petrinsularis” (Jean-Louis Boissier, 1993)
Image result for “Flora petrinsularis” (Jean-Louis Boissier, 1993)
and Abi’s Art-int-act-ion
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Link to individual blogpost Valerie van Zuijlen
On “Lovers Leap” (Miroslaw Rogala, 1994) and “Impalpability” (Masaki Fujihata, 1998)

and Valerie’s Art-int-act-ion
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