Interactive Advertising in S. Korea

By Da Ye Kim

Technology behind various interfaces is changing so rapidly that it is difficult to find access to interactive videos after the related promotions end. However, these are some videos showing how interactivity was used for promoting products and tourism in South Korea.

Interactive advertisement is now a common practice in Korea. Many companies have used online interactive videos with which the potential customers can interact with both the characters and the products in the videos.

Interactive promotion of Dong Yang Insurance company. At the end of each video (three versions: father, mother, daughter), the viewser can have an online conversation with the virtual”guardian angel” actor who  promotes the insurance plans.

Interactive Ad by a soju company. Drink with beautiful Han Ga In.

The waiter says, “You look very young, could you show me your ID?”

Are you over 19? Are you under 19?

She likes this place because it has very good soju. She comes whenever she feels blue and she always wanted to come here with you. She asks, “You look different today, something happened?”

1. I’m very happy today!   2. Nothing special   3. I’m under the weather

Her reactions will vary, but my guess is that no matter what you choose, she will offer a cheer. The screen shows another question, “Do you want to have a drink with her?”

1. Cheers!          2. I don’t want to drink

Since the viewser picked 2, she explains how awesome the soju is. The system asks again whether to drink with her or not. Then she offers to play a song to make the mood better. While a new song is playing in the background, the left side of the screen as a tab saying, “do you want to set up another date with her?”

She is sad that the viewser has to leave so early, but she is happy to have spent some time with her/him. She says she got a new phone and asks for the viewser’s number. Then the screen shows a further option of meeting with the actress.

Spend your day in Seoul with 2pm and Miss A (two Korean idol groups)! You are their friend visiting the city. Interactive video to promote tourism.



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